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Listen Up!

Posted by on July 10, 2011

Do you have an aural fixation? If so, you might want to check out my story The Sex of Therapy on the Nobilis Reed Erotic Stories podcast. The story, which originally appeared in the Circlet Press anthology Up for Grabs 2, is one of my favorites. I swear that the main character just showed up in my head while I was killing time at a Boston Starbucks, started talking, and wouldn’t shut up. This is what she said:

On Wednesdays, I enjoy being a girl.

It’s not just a job to me. I think of it more as an art form.

I go to sleep on Tuesday nights planning my presentation. Will I have slides? Or will I slip on the high heeled pumps with the ribbons that wrap around my calves? I think about the menu of blouses and skirts, dresses and suits that will be available for me when it’s time to prepare myself, and I imagine what kind of girl I will be when I wake up.

I’m always a girl on Wednesdays.

Listen to the rest on the podcast, or pick up a copy for your e-reader at Circlet Press or on

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